O Intermitente<br> (So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, good-bye)

O Intermitente
(So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, good-bye)

terça-feira, junho 15, 2004

A Abstenção

Johan Norberg escreve sobre as causas da abstenção nas eleições europeias.

When the journalist Tom Oliphant visited Timbro a month ago, he said that the election for the European Parliament was the only election over here which he could relate to as an American, because the voters did not care about it. He?s right, just look at the turnout across Europe in the BBC graph below. In a way, there is no reason to panic, as politicians and political scientists have over the last few days: The more different institutions, and the more division of power, the less reason to vote in every single election. That?s a good thing. It would be worse if everybody felt compelled to vote for the European Parliament, because it had complete power over every single individual. And the bigger the EU gets, the less influence every single voter has. And furthermore low turnout reveals a healthy dose of scepticism to EU power. Perhaps our politicians should take a moment to think about that before they sign a new constitution which gives Brussels new powers over labour markets, social policies, health, energy, investments - and sports.

posted by Miguel Noronha 9:07 da manhã

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