O Intermitente<br> (So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, good-bye)

O Intermitente
(So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, good-bye)

segunda-feira, abril 19, 2004

Constituição Europeia

Contrariando afirmações anteriores espera-se que Tony Blair anuncie, brevemente, a intenção de realizar um referendo sobre o projecto de Constituição Europeia.

O editorial do Daily Telegraph comenta desta forma a notícia:

The plain fact is that the Prime Minister is putting his future on the line for the sake of his principles, and that is something every democrat should applaud.


This is one of the most serious political risks Mr Blair will ever take. If he lost on an issue of such magnitude, he would almost certainly have to resign. Even if he clung on, his authority would be destroyed. But the question of Britain's relationship with the EU is bigger than any prime minister. At stake is whether we want to be an independent country, living under our own laws, or part of a bigger country called Europe. Nothing could matter more.

posted by Miguel Noronha 10:38 da manhã

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